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We organize horse / camel safaris with our base at Roop Niwas Kothi, Nawalgarh(Shekhawati) Rajasthan. In our stables at Roop Niwas we have 32 well bred and schooled horses and 6 camels of our own. We have surveyed thoroughly and worked out various routes and itineraries. Special care was taken to make these routes as varied and interesting as possible. 

tourist riding on horseback in rajasthan

escorting the riding of tourists during camping

The Itineraries planned by us are meant to give the guest an interesting experience with horses/camels along with a complete insight into the desert life style, to view the flora and fauna of Rajasthan and to interact with the local population by way of village visits. Our lunch halts and camping sights are in unique settings. Unlike routes of mountain  trails, our routes pass semi deserted terrain ,forests, salt lake, marshes and flat grass lands. 

This offers opportunities for the riders to trot, canter and at times even gallop. Our camel routes move north west from Shekhawati in unspoiled desert terrain unexploited by any body as yet. Our team has been carefully put together, we have a well experienced, out rider, an ex-army cook, a camp in charge, folk musicians, people trained to erect and wind up camps, cross country jeep and truck drivers.

royal camps for stay

What makes our safaris more memorable is the experience of riding pure bred Indian horses like the MARWARIS, KATHIAWADIS and the SINDHIS cross country, in unspoiled terrain where you also interact with nomads many a times, our comfortable luxurious camps and cultural scenario with accompanying and invited folk musicians. This way you get to see the real India, the experience becomes even more memorable when shared with like minded people having love for horses, nature and the environment.