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horse riding vacation,horse trail riding,horse riding apparel,horse riding holiday,horse riding camp,game horse ridingHe leads the riders and is the proud owner of the horses you ride. NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. His interesting sense of humour will keep you amused.

He is the grand-son of Rawal Madan Singhji of Nawalgarh. Nawalgarh in the pre-independence period, was a chiefship under the erstwhile state of Jaipur. Bh. Devendra Singh is a very keen horse rider and breeder, the love for horses is inherent in him.Since a child he was taught horse riding and rearing, as both his father and mothers family had well kept stables. Most of his earlier training and nearly all his riding experience has been on pure bred Indian horses in the countryside riding cross country.

(2) THAKUR DURGA SINGH OF MANDAWA -Master of Ceremonies- He looks after and oversees the camping, food, transport, picnic lunch, folk music,.... In case you are missing something, you know where to fit the noose- around his neck.thakur durga singh ji, your wonderful host for riding holidays

Mandawa was another chiefship under the erstwhile state of Jaipur. The Mandawa and Nawalgarh family are first cousins.

Whatever be the occasion- fair, festival, solar eclipse, he has helped organise many a camp of tourists in Rajasthan. A veteran in this field he is a perfectionist. He is very strict about discipline of staff and thus his popularity WANES on certain days of Safari !!!.


He is overall incharge of our stables and the horses while on safari. He carries our yellow flag which has a red border and a red coloured image of Hanuman.

Colourful Yellow Truban, imposing moustaches, dressed in a white shirt and Rajasthani style Dhoti, with a cheerful smile- that is Jaswant Singh. "JASJI"

You can see him on the background of this page with our flag!


He looks after winding up and setting of camp.

Devi Singh is a retired artillary J.C.O. of the Indian Army who has seen action in Indo/Pakistan war and as a member of Indian peacekeeping force which went to Sri Lanka. After driving tanks and setting up camps in absolutely inhospitable terrain - safari camping is a very routine job for him.


The man responsible for all the tasty food, which our guests don't forget for a long time after the safari.

He hails from the Garhwal region of the Indian Himalayas. He is a man of small stature and graying hair. Now settled in Rajasthan  after completing his service tenure in the Indian Army. As a army cook he has been trained to produce the most delicious continental and Indian dishes. His potato chops are always crisp, the scrambled eggs are just right, the half boiled eggs  are half boiled !!. The picnic lunches he turns out are delectable.

Mr. Ramesh Sharma our Chef is a ace trump card of our pack.


His haunting melodies resound in your ears even after you get home.

The bhopa musicians of Rajasthan are travelling minstrels who sing as a husband wife team, to the accompaniment of the instrument "RAVAN HATHA".

The songs they sing are about brave heroes of mythological tales, warriors and kings of recent times, dacoits (Interestingly the deeds of these dacoits are like Robin hood) and love affairs. Historical events of the British era have also become part of  his songs.

The name "Patasi" literally means sugar candy. She has a sweet voice too.


He is to be contacted for a shave, haircut, massage, if you have a minute thorn to be picked out with tweezer or want a marriage alliance arranged !!

In the Indian society the barber use to have multifarious duties. He would visit homes to give the gentlemen a shave and a hair cut. He was a masseur and would give oil massage of head and body. In the process of visiting homes he would know about all the eligible bachelors and would arrange marriages on behalf of families.massage facilities while your royal stay

GADU RAM IS ALL THIS AND MUCH MORE !! He is now into his sixties wears a white dhoti, shirt and bright red turban. He has arranged thousands of weddings and is famous for his camel and horse decoration hair cuts in the entire region of Shekhawati.

From the second day onwards he is the most sought after, both at lunch and before the evening bath for a massage. He assures everybody that he has separate instruments for camels/horses and humans.


Gopal looks after the water supply. Every morning and evening he lights a fire and gets the hot water ready for bath. He  helps guests get a correct mix of cold and hot water and carries their bucket to the bath tent. He ensures warm water in the wash basin faucet. The guests get a correct picture of their face as Gopal keeps the looking mirrors clean and shining.

He delights everybody on a winter evening when he and Ramlal lights the camp fire. All riding boots left outside the tents are polished with great gusto by Gopal every day.


She is adored and spoiled by everybody.

A cross between a Doberman and Boxer, Spottie is a perfect watch dog. She rides the jeep on the front seat via the lunch spot from camp to camp every day. Through the night the slightest movement of the horses or approach of stray animals gets her alert. She checks on all parts of the camp.

In addition to the people given a mention there are horse grooms, tent and kitchen helpers, waiters for the dining room, the truck, jeep, tractor drivers who excel in cross country driving and many others who complete our team of 25-30 people. As a team they put the grand show together. A appropriate comment in our guest book by a French guest which summarised everything and amply rewarded the team effort was "I WAS TREATED LIKE A PRINCE BY THE PRINCES".

a traditional and cultural experience of rajasthan with local team


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